“How to boost your business with EU funding”

15th February – (2pm – 3pm) – ROOM C
upon invitation only – ask for your ticket now

  • Wojciech Sopinski, Advisor to the EU Coordinator for MoS
  • Alexio Picco, EU funds expert
  • Giuseppe Luppino, Institute for Transport and Logistics, expert of ETC programme
The workshop is focused on how EU funds could be effectively used to support your company and innovation in the different transport modes.

Different programmes will be presented with a specific focus on the following topics: green shipping and logistics, effective maritime transport integration in the overall door to door logistic chain, ICT and automation in ports and logistics, safety and security.

Wojciech Sopinski, Adviser to the EU Coordinator for MoS, will introduce the session from the EU perspectives whilst Alexio Picco, EU funds expert, will elaborate possible project ideas based on the items of interest of the participants.

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