DAY ONE – 16/10/2019

Opening Session (9:30 – 10:30)
• Welcome speech by Carla Roncallo, President of La Spezia-Marina di Carrara Port Authority, by the President of the Region and by the Mayor of the City of La Spezia
• Keynote speech by Iveta Radičová the EU Coordinator for the Mediterranean Corridor.

The Container market and its challenges (10:30 – 11:30)
• Economists  and  big players such as  the Contship  Group will depict  the current  situation  of  the container Market and the challenges for the next decade. Sustainability as a key iusse will be included in this frame.

Looking to the maritime and shipping sector in 2030: how to boost competitiveness safeguarding a sustainable and resilient future (11:45 – 13:00) – round table
• Key note speech by Axel Wenblad – WWF

The new TEN-T Regulation and the CEF 2 opportunities (14:00 – 15:00) – round table
• The session moderated by PTSCLASS, will start with introduction on the funding possibilities for the next seven years in the new EU programmes Horizon Europe and CEF 2
• A round table with the EU Advisor for the Mediterranean Corridor, representatives of the Scan Med Corridor, and international and national players such as ESPO and the Italian Ministry of Transport will analyse the current frame and the opportunities and needs of the sector for the coming years.

Rail last mile and e-logistics (15:00 – 16:00)
• A  session fully  dedicated to the  hot topics in the rail  domain, with the  participation of the  SCAN MED Rail Freight Corridor members and the presentation of the CEF I RAIL project, with a specific focus on the last mile integration, digitalisation and extension of the TAF TSI standard.

Port Community Systems the way forward (16:30 – 17:30)
• The International Port Community System Association will lead a session on the future of the Port Community Systems.


DAY TWO – 17/10/2019


La Spezia port system and the role of the Santo Stefano Dry port (9:30 – 11:15)
• The session guided by the whole panel of maritime and logistic operators of the Port of La Spezia, will elaborate on the vision of the La Spezia system: the added value and the role of the Santo Stefano dry port, the specific and distinctive skills of the local community and its value on employment, the role of the TEN-T network, with a specific focus on how to better connect the hinterlands towards the Tyrrhenian Brenner route.
• After an introductory presentation and an international experience of the role of Dry ports presented by the Secretary General of Europlatforms, a round table with the local operators and national institutions will discuss on the evolution of added value services provided by the port community.

From Smart Ships to Autonomous Ships – Atena – (11:45 – 12:45)
The technologies of industry 4.0. like the big data, I.o.T., A.I. and the machine learning are influencing also the world of the shipping. Ships are already characterized today by solutions of ”automation 4.0” which allow to transfer to the ground many of the functions that were traditionally carried out on board, as well as lightening the workload of the crew by automating some functions and supporting others with decision-making systems.

Production and use of BioLNG (11:45 – 12:45) – SoS log
• Organised by SoS Logistica, the session will offer the opportunity to understand more the potential of the production and use of BioLNG including circular economy considerations.

Connected port and logistics (14:00 – 15:15)
• A full session dedicated to the main topics related to the digital world in maritime and logistics with the presentation of the approach of the Digital Transport and Logistics Forum and of related flagship projects such as FENIX, FEDERATED, PortCDM.
• The session will also discuss on the new Regulation on Reporting Formalities (substituting Directive 65/2010) with the presence of Marco Marsili from the European Commission – DG TAXUD and approach several new trends in the sector such as Digital twin and Artificial Intelligence.

Port of the Future (15:30 – 16:30)
• Dedicated to the European Commission initiative on the Port of the Future will present the state of play of the related projects, DocksTheFuture, PortForward, Pixel and Corealis.